"Director IT"

Faizan Tariq


HOLA Everyone! I'm Faizan Tariq and I'm happy to announce that I will be serving you as the Director IT at PCYMUN . It truly is an honour to be a part of such a highly ornate event. The four day debating extravaganza will provide you with a platform to hone your skills and natural abilities with endless fun. Looking forward to fervid debates and much more this time! Don’t miss out on this one, or else you’ll live to regret it. I look forward to meeting you all and a very warm welcome to one of the biggest events of the year!!

"Deputy Director IT"

Marya Kamran

"To all readers, old friends, similar faces and potential future friends, 你好 Nĭ hăo! I'm Marya Kamran and I'll be serving as your Deputy Director IT for this mun. I ended up here because it said Pakistan CHINA Youth MUN and that was just a trigger word for me 😂 Come practice your chinese with me if you're a beginner. Come criticise my grammatical mistakes if you're fluent. Just come say hi okay? I'm easy to find in a crowd; tall, goofy, loud and nearly always high on pure oxygen! It's a talent really. Forever weird D.D.I.T. #BESTDirectorateAbbreviationAward"