"Director Logistics"

Awais Saeed

"Hello Friends I, the Director Logistics, would like to invite all of you to the most prestigious event of this year, PCYMUN. Our team promises to make these four days extremely exciting , eventful and memorable for all of you, whether it be debating, rave or the dinner. We bet none of you would want the event to end. So gear up for the four days full of fiery debates and festive socials which are going to pump adrenaline through your body. Our very lively and friendly host team welcomes you all with a warm heart. See you all! Regards Awais Saeed"

"Deputy Director Logistics"

Hassan Waseem

Smiley face!

"Hi guys! I'm Hassan Waseem, the Deputy Director of logistics. I'm honoured to be a part of this dazzling event. Really looking forward to seeing you all there!