"Director Marketing"

Armaghan Naveed


"Mark your calendars because this August is going to be big. I, Armaghan Naveed will be serving as your Director Marketing and along with my team members will ensure that this MUN gets all the attention there is to offer. I've always wondered what makes an MUN unique and worth applauding; it's not only the debating level or the socials but also the environment which makes a MUN special and I personally assure you that at PYCMUN the environment will be competitive while being friendly at the same time. The host team is working tirelessly to make this MUN a 'class apart'. Time is money and we'll help to ensure that your time is made halal. "زندگی کا اچھا فیصلہ کرے اور اس جیسی عمدہ تقدیب پر ضرور آئیں۔ P.S: Meet me at PYCMUN for FREE"

"Deputy Director Marketing"