"Director Finance"

Muazam Tahir

"Greetings Esteemed Delegates! I, Muazam Tahir, take pleasure in welcoming you all to the first edition of Pakistan China Youth Model United Nations as the Director Finance for the simulation. In order to ensure that you people get to learn from the sessions the art of Diplomacy, and that you enjoy your time here at the conference, the Directorate is working day and night to make the hopes of the great minds behind this initiative a reality. Its in my ambit to ensure that the Finance Department meets your needs efficiently. Good Luck and See you all at the Conference! Ciaó".

"Deputy Director Finance"

Waqar MK

Hello,esteemed delegates! I,Waqar Masood, welcome you all to the first ever Pakistan China Youth Model United Nations. It's truly an honour for me to be the deputy director of finance for this event. I and the rest of the directorate are working tirelessly to ensure that we give you a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience in which you will be able to develop your confidence , creativity and diplomacy Good luck and I hope to see you all very soon!