Register as Individual Observer

You can experience PCYMUN Conference participating as an observer but only limited observer seats will be available so hurry up and register yourself! 

This opportunity can be availed by

  • newcomers attending a MUN conference for the first time 
  • adults/teachers who wish to observe the operations of the committee
  • debators who wish to experience the proceedings of the committee inorder to improve their debate style

Please note that each form will allow you to register and book the conference package of your choice for up to 4 observers (including yourself). Should you need to register more than 4 observers at a time, please return to this page and fill out a new registration form.



Your Role as an Observer

Individual observers have special seating in the rear of each committee room, and are welcome to watch sessions while respecting the following:

1. Bureau members and committee delegates are in complete charge of formal proceedings. Chairs have authority over the actions in the committee.

2. If there is interference with committee dynamics (even during informal consultations) on the part of an observer, that individual may be asked to leave the committee by the Bureau or pcymun Staff