"Director Registrations"

Hijjazi Yasin


"Salutations! This is Hijjazi Yasin, your Director Registrations, welcoming you whole heatedly to the awaited exorbitant package of debates, social events, and best four days of practicality, all at a single platform; Pakistan China Youth Model United Nations 17. PCYMUN 17 will introduce you to the real and true essensce of MUNs and will lead you into a whole new planet where there will be ultimate freedom to 'Speak, Hear, Resolve.' Being the Director Registrations, I will make sure that the coordination and counseling between the delegates and our team will be melancholy free and the process of registeration will be as smooth as possible. We are looking forward to your arrival enthusiastically! May you all 'Speak Hear Resolve' at PCYMUN 17".

Best Regards,

Hijjazi Yasin.

"Deputy Director Registrations"


Hassam Yasin

Dear Delegates,
I, Hassam Yasin, feel honored and take pride in announcing that I am the Deputy Director Registrations PCYMUN'17. After an extensive period of studies and hard work, I invite you all to the mega event of the year: PCYMUN 2K17. The word "event" indeed seems much puny compared to what will take place at PCYMUN; which will be a complete program where you will have the utmost authority to prove yourself through debates and lose yourself to the excitement of the social events. Being one of the head members of the Registrations team it is my duty to connect "you" to PCYMUN like Purkyne fibres; connecting one part to the other part of the heart! A heartiest welcome to you all.
Hassam Yasin,
Deputy Director Registrations